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8 thoughts on “ I Feel Like I Wanna Cry

  1. Oct 22,  · When you feel like you need to cry for no apparent reason, then the crying itself can be judged as irrational. But that doesn't mean you don't still need to cry. If your body is telling you to cry, then allowing yourself to cry is better for your stress coping than trying to prevent it.
  2. But if you feel like crying too often, it could be a sign that something is wrong emotionally. Many people go through periods where it might feel difficult to function like normal, but with proper attention, it can be successfully treated. Crying Many Times a Day Could Be a Warning Sign of Something More SeriousAuthor: Robert Porter.
  3. I keep feeling like I wanna cry This world is burning in my eyes I try to aim for the light But when I look up, it's still dark I keep feeling like I wanna cry All this beauty to be sacrificed A shadow's cast by us Our minds are covered in dust I wanna hold out my hand Offer everything I am Can't we form a chain Get us all back on track again?
  4. Aug 20,  · Crying actually makes you feel better right away, because it's your body's method of releasing stress. But if you've gone months or years without crying, it can be hard to remember how to start. Going to a quiet place, freeing yourself from distractions, and letting yourself deeply feel emotions will put you in the right state of M.
  5. If you feel that you want to access those emotions, and learn how to cry again, then a good way to start the process is to open that box back up again. Pick a day when you feel quite emotionally steady, and able to process potentially difficult emotions. Then, choose a place where you feel absolutely safe and secure.
  6. Jun 21,  · I just want to cry tonight and have someone take care of me (which is unusual for me I'm very independent and normally comfortable in my own company) I can't cry the tears won't come. I live on my own so I have no one to be with me. I feel angry, hurt, let down, frustraed and depressed all at the same time.
  7. Sometimes we develop an emotional blockage. We feel like crying, we want to cry, we feel the emotions but for whatever reason, the tears won't fall. In my case, I don't cry because after being in the Marines and Army, as a woman you just cannot let your emotions show when there are a squadron of male Marines around you.
  8. Apr 15,  · The inability to feel anything, neither sadness nor anything else, is one of the danger signs in melancholic depression. Melancholia is a severe form of depressive illness. Melancholia is a severe.

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