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  1. “Before Levitate, we weren't engaging with our clients on a regular basis. Levitate helps us keep our customer communication consistent and fresh, so no one ever falls through the cracks.” Keeping in touch, made easy. 2.
  2. Levitate’s feather light and quick-dry boardshorts built to swoop into a beautiful afternoon on the sea. Super-light nylon fabric with laser-cut gussets in the pockets and inner leg for drainage.
  3. The woman levitated above the stage. The magician claimed he could levitate a car. Recent Examples on the Web In , the Yippies famously attempted to levitate the Pentagon. — Daisy Alioto, Longreads, "House of the Century," 10 Aug. As Sissy drives away, Harlan can be seen using telekinesis to levitate a toy.
  4. to rise or cause to rise and float in the air, without visible agency, attributed, esp formerly, to supernatural causes (tr) med to support (a patient) on a cushion of air in the treatment of severe burns Derived forms of levitate levitation.
  5. Jan 17,  · Levitate helps you easily keep in touch with your contacts while remember key details and last interactions. By building and maintaining authentic relationships, Levitate drives more organic referral and word of mouth business. Using our add-in, you can: Set smart reminders to keep in touch with the email sender/5(7).
  6. The Levitate Music and Arts Festival is a grassroots music and arts festival featuring roots, reggae, folk rock, funk music. Also food trucks and vendor tents.
  7. Aug 08,  · “Levitate” is the third single released from Trench. It was leaked before the intended release date by streaming service TIDAL, accompanied by .
  8. At Levitate, we make the right things happen. Strategic, effective, influential communication efforts that motivate action to help our clients get uncomfortable, defy the status quo and achieve new levels of success. Communications strategy, PR and content marketing. #LevitateNow.
  9. levitate Again the dust particle has zero charge when it is levitated into the sheath and becomes charged due to the attachment of electrons. From the Cambridge English Corpus This is because a larger electric field would be needed in order to provide a sufficient electrostatic force to levitate .

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